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    Who qualifies for state pension and what is the means test?
    This article will briefly explain who qualifies for a state pension. It does not, however, apply to private pensions. The requirements for a state pension are as follows: –           First of all, the person must be a South African citizen who is a permanent resident or a refugee. In other words, refugees can also qualify on condition that they have  ... Read more
    How are my municipal rates and taxes determined?
    Ever wondered how the rates and taxes on your house are calculated and why your rates and taxes seem so much higher than that of your colleague living across town? Property rates and taxes are calculated with reference to the municipal valuation thereof, which valuation is based on the market value of the property and is periodically updated with residents  ... Read more
    When is a Debt Due Under a Demand Loan Facility?
    By Kamalesh Naidoo Traditionally, a “demand facility” is a loan with no fixed repayment date, and one where the lender will “demand” repayment at some future uncertain date – this could be one month, one year or 10 years from the date that the amount was advanced. According to a recent Supreme Court of Appeal (“SCA”) majority judgment in Trinity  ... Read more
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