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    Voetstoots and private purchase of a 2nd-hand car
    Previous to the promulgation of the Consumer Protection Act, consumers had limited rights relayed to them in terms of purchasing a second-hand vehicle, especially in relation to the inclusion of a “voetstoots” clause, which is the ambit under which most used motor vehicles were sold. A “voetstoots” clause in effect stipulates that the property will be sold ‘as is’. The  ... Read more
    Can my body corporate give me a speeding fine?
    Question: “I live in a large sectional title complex. I enjoy living there, but some of the rules are getting a bit much. I’ve received a traffic fine in my levy statement for driving faster than the 35km/hour speed limit applying within the complex. Surely the body corporate cannot start issuing traffic fines within the complex?” Answer: The Sectional Title  ... Read more
    How to stick to your holiday budget
    The holidays can be a lot of fun or they can be very stressful. It is the season of giving, which often means it is also the season of spending. One of the best things you can do to help make the holidays a lot less stressful, is to create and stick to a holiday budget. Creating a holiday spending  ... Read more
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