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    Who pays to replace a townhouse’s outlet pipe?
    Question: Hi, please advise who would be responsible to replace an outlet pipe from the kitchen of a unit if it has rusted through and broken off on the outside of the unit. Answer: Owners are responsible to repair and maintain their sections and the body corporate has the same responsibility in respect of the common property. The median line  ... Read more
    Bitcoin: Why all the fuss?
    Cyril Blackburn The internet and social media are truly abuzz about the virtual currency Bitcoin. In mid-August the price of a single Bitcoin for the first time rose to more than $4 000, which therefore means this monetary unit’s value increased by more than 300% this year. For investors especially this growth does not seem to be something that can  ... Read more
    What to consider when switching your home loan
    If you ever find yourself pondering the prospect of switching your home loan to another bank, it is essential that you do your homework. Stanley Mabulu, Head of Sales at FNB Home Loans, says lenders have made it easier for consumers to switch home loans, provided that they meet all the criteria and requirements. “There are many reasons why consumers  ... Read more
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