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    Score well, and the house may be yours
    The majority of South Africans require financing to buy a home. All banks will look at you as an individual before providing the financing you need to buy a house. A good credit profile is the first step. You can check your credit profile once a year free of charge in terms of the National Credit Act. It will detail  ... Read more
    Items you can buy second-hand
    Lize-Mari Labuschagne   It stopped being something to be ashamed of long ago. Some items you can buy second hand offer much more value for money than buying a new item at an exorbitant price with the quality not being much better. Here is a list of items you may consider buying second hand:   Books, including textbooks Unless you  ... Read more
    How to save money on clothes
    Tinus Vollgraaff   Research has shown that South Africans are responding to the downturn in the economy, depreciating Rand and less disposable income by buying more local clothes. Clothes, like food, is one of the most basic human necessities. Alas, they don’t last forever. As they shrink and wear out, and the seasons change (as is now happening in South  ... Read more
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