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Thursday | 13 July | 2017 Buying property: Who’s who in the legal zoo?

When it comes to selling your home, there are a lot of legalities involved. Which means there are a number of property attorneys you’ll encounter as well. Find out who they are and what they do. When you are selling your property you will have to make use of a transfer (conveyancing) attorney. Conveyancing refers to the branch of law  … Read more

Monday | 16 January | 2017 Sectional title levy increases you can expect

“My body corporate has warned that due to recent changes in the sectional title legislation we should be expecting higher than normal levy increases. I live on a tight budget and this news has me very worried. Is it true that my levies will increase or is the body corporate just making this up?” New legislation affecting the sectional title  … Read more

Tuesday | 13 December | 2016 Make your credit card work for you

Your credit card has the potential to be a cool companion if you maximise its effectiveness and make it work for you. In an online survey conducted by FNB, 39% of respondents said they only use their credit cards in emergencies, 36% said they swipe for everything, big and small, 17% use it solely for online shopping and only 8%  … Read more

Tuesday | 13 December | 2016 Life and disability cover should top your holiday planning list

Just as you make sure that your accommodation is booked, your flights are confirmed or your car is roadworthy, and your bags are packed with all essentials before embarking on your travels, you should also make sure that your personal financial affairs are in order before going on your December holiday. Peter Dempsey, deputy CEO of the Association for Savings  … Read more

Tuesday | 13 December | 2016 How to start saving

South Africa has one of the worst savings rates in the world. Floris Slabbert, National Sales Manager at Ecsponent Financial Services, is of the opinion that South Africans must remain disciplined in fostering a culture of saving. According to him this is especially important in the present challenging economic environment. “South Africans often do not understand the importance of short-,  … Read more

Tuesday | 13 December | 2016 Long-term insurance: Beware of prescription

Nick Veldman   The recent Supreme Court of Appeal (“SCA”) judgment in Muller v Sanlam Life Insurance Limited has clarified the position in respect of prescription, and when a debt of a long-term insurer becomes due. In terms of insurance, prescription refers to the loss or weakening of a person’s right to recover a debt as a result of his  … Read more

Tuesday | 13 December | 2016 Do I have to pay tax on foreign earnings?

Sanette Viljoen   Many individuals are under the impression that they need not pay tax to SARS should the income have been earned outside the country’s borders. The following information is very important for South African citizens who have concluded contracts to work outside the country’s borders. You as individual are liable for income tax at all times for services  … Read more

Tuesday | 13 December | 2016 Tips for saving for your wedding day

Zolani Mtshali     Tying the knot is an exciting step towards a new life together, but as the planning kicks off, the costs involved in making your big day special could be quite daunting. Between venue hire, cake, dress and photography, the cost of your wedding can quickly escalate and seem impossible without dipping into credit. The average cost  … Read more

Tuesday | 13 December | 2016 Guidelines on buying property from a deceased estate

With the rising cost of living and the declining economy everybody is on the lookout for a bargain. Property in an estate could indeed sometimes offer good value for money. One often finds a situation where, although there are substantial assets in an estate, a shortage of cash develops owing to poor estate planning or very high medical costs before  … Read more

Tuesday | 13 December | 2016 Tips for cheap Christmas gifts

Ronéll van Rooyen     The birth of Jesus is the focus of Christians all over the world and gifts are exchanged to share the joy that Jesus was given as gift to mankind. Gifts need not be expensive.   Here are some affordable ideas:   * Adopt an animal at the zoo. * Buy food for a needy family  … Read more

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