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Monday | 01 February | 2021 Don’t let money spoil your relationship

By Essie Bester Statistics show that not only is money the major cause of quarrels between spouses,  it is also responsible for 22% of all divorces. The reason for this is that people think differently about money and attach different values to it. Understand your partner’s money criteria Money has a strong emotional value. One person may see it as  … Read more

Monday | 25 January | 2021 Should You Buy Property During Tough Economic Times?

By Anja van den Berg Buying property is never a decision to be taken lightly and can have long-term ramifications. Real Estate Agent Jabulile Lefu of JL Properties answers the most common property questions concerning buying during tough economic times like these. Considering the country’s current financial state, what are the advantages and disadvantages of buying property now? Advantage: It  … Read more

Monday | 18 January | 2021 Your survival guide during a recession

By Essie Bester There is little doubt that we are in a recession. We will have to wait to see how bad it is and how long it will last. Financial experts like Dawie Roodt, chief economist at the Efficient Group, is of the opinion that there could still be a long and painful road to recovery ahead. The following  … Read more

Monday | 18 January | 2021 Refinancing: Everything you should know

By Essie Bester With interest rates at their lowest in a long time many people are wondering whether they should jump at the opportunity to refinance their bond. You can refinance a homeloan, car loan or just about any other type of debt. It could be an excellent opportunity to lower your monthly payments and could open the way for  … Read more

Tuesday | 08 December | 2020 Should I buy or should I rent?

By Sanette Viljoen To own property is generally a good and valuable investment. However, this is not always the best option for everyone. Some people’s working conditions require them to relocate a lot and therefore they cannot settle in one town for the long term. For these people it would be more advisable to rent. Finances, working conditions and the  … Read more

Monday | 07 December | 2020 Retirement not so easy

Emsie Martin Retirement sounds great: you don’t have to rise early, get stuck in traffic, and you can come and go when and where you please, but should you retire tomorrow, will you receive the ideal income or will you be confronted with harsh reality? Few people have enough money on retirement to maintain their lifestyle and most of us  … Read more

Monday | 07 December | 2020 Should married couples manage their finances separately or together?

By Anja van den Berg Financial management is always a sensitive topic when it comes to marriage and romantic relationships. A study published in the journal Family Relations evaluated the diaries of 100 married men and 100 married women for 15 days to reveal that money is one of the main topics of marital conflict. Another study, published in the  … Read more

Wednesday | 04 November | 2020 Finance: Beware of Black Friday

By Reon Janse van Rensburg For the past few years, Black Friday has been marked by consumers rushing, without thinking, to the nearest wholesaler to make purchases during Black Friday, where, among other things luxuries and various other items are offered at better prices or so-called bargains. In previous years, consumers stood in long lines, sometimes even to the back  … Read more

Tuesday | 03 November | 2020 Money mistakes newlyweds should avoid

By Essie Bester When planning your wedding if often happens that practical details pertaining to your life afterwards are neglected. However, the financial future that you will share is just as important, if not more so. Following are some financial mistakes which as newlyweds you should avoid: Not discussing money. Talking about money can be an uncomfortable experience for many  … Read more

Monday | 05 October | 2020 Travel insurance

By Wilma Bedford With the gradual opening of international borders after the lockdown you are perhaps considering a holiday, provided the new rules regarding quarantine and your pocket allow you to. The price of your ticket and the associated travelling costs are tempting you to cut back on your travel insurance, but is it wise? When should one take out  … Read more

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