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Thursday | 06 August | 2020 Do you have an emergency fund in place?

By Wilma Bedford With the recent and still ubiquitous Covid-19 crisis that has caused the biggest economic slump since the Great Depression of 1933, many people are grateful for an emergency fund that currently carries them through, but many were caught unawares and regret not having made provision. Many individuals’ financial position was of such a nature that providing for  … Read more

Thursday | 30 July | 2020 Your first house – is now a good time to buy?

By Essie Bester The Covid-19 pandemic and the question whether you are still going to have a job undoubtedly cause many people a lot of financial stress. However, it is also true that the South African home market is now offering the most favourable buying conditions  in years. With interest rates at their lowest in 47 years and house prices  … Read more

Wednesday | 29 July | 2020 Auto-assessments to taxpayers – Here’s how it works

By Essie Bester The South African Revenue Service (SARS) will start making auto-assessments as from 1 August. This process is nothing new. It was instituted in 2019 for a limited number of taxpayers. This year it will only be used to accommodate a greater number of taxpayers. How do you know if you will be assessed automatically? Edward Kieswetter, the  … Read more

Friday | 17 July | 2020 Earn some extra cash on the side (without having to work online)

By Marli Naidoo Some extra cash is always welcome, and most people can do with something to do on the side after hours. There are many South African who urgently have to augment their salaries, but some of them don’t feel comfortable to work online, or don’t have the necessary funds to take a course or acquire expensive equipment. The  … Read more

Friday | 17 July | 2020 Has the time come to reassess your insurance?

 By Nico Strydom Insurance cover is not a case of one size fits all but rather custom-made solutions to specific circumstances. Custom-made solutions give the consumer flexibility, says Thasnim Dawood, senior assistant ombudsman with the ombud for short-term insurance. “As with the pieces of a Lego set, it is import to fit the correct building blocks together to obtain the  … Read more

Monday | 13 July | 2020 Be careful when you buy a second-hand vehicle

By Emsie Martin Very few people can afford a new vehicle nowadays, but buying a used vehicle sometimes comes with a nasty surprise. The true condition of a vehicle often comes to light after the sale with a clever smooth-talking salesman influencing you. Consumers should be wary when they buy a second-hand car. What to watch out for Do your  … Read more

Monday | 13 July | 2020 Card fraud: Threat, types and tips

By Dr. Eugene Brink It is undeniable that card fraud represents a major threat to individual South Africans and the country. Vast sums are siphoned off each year through this baleful practice. The South African Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC) last year announced that card fraud cost the country R800 million annually. Its 2018 statistics showed in the main an  … Read more

Wednesday | 01 July | 2020 Change the way in which you think about money

By Essie Bester It is a myth that we should know more about how money works. The truth is that we should go to much more trouble to find out how our our brains and emotions work when it comes to our relationship with money, says Dr Ted Klontz, a master in the area of financial therapy. According to him  … Read more

Thursday | 18 June | 2020 Credit life insurance as an alternative to a payment holiday on my loan?

By Sanette Viljoen Do you have credit life insurance on your loan? Is it a good idea to claim from your credit life insurance as an alternative to the various debt-relief options currently being offered by the different banks as a result of the lockdown? What are the implications of the debt-relief options or payment holidays? Several banks have announced  … Read more

Wednesday | 17 June | 2020 Making saving money fun

By Dr Eugene Brink Face it: For most of us with poor self-discipline, saving money is difficult even at the best of times. We mostly like to spend money, not save it for some future purpose or a rainy day. So, in order to undertake this important task, we need to make it fun and exciting. “Saving money doesn’t need  … Read more

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