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Friday | 27 March | 2020 How to get out of debt

By Marli Naidoo Debt can be advantageous when managed well, and doesn’t take over your life. Some people want to pull out their hair and take off to the hills when they hear the word “debt”. Unfortunately, this is the nature of credit: it is like a cosy fire that braais your meat and provides you with heat, but when  … Read more

Friday | 27 March | 2020 Budget: This is how it will affect you

By Nico Strydom The national budget was recently announced and this is how it will affect your wallet. Personal income tax and VAT Tax notches and rebates are adjusted to above the inflation rate. This means that individuals with an annual increase in their salaries will not necessarily fall in a new tax notch and will therefore not have to  … Read more

Monday | 16 March | 2020 Fraud with bank cards: How to protect yourself

By Nico Strydom Criminals continuously find new ways in which to steal people’s money and card fraud amounts to hundreds of millions of rand per year. According to the latest statistics from the South African Bank Risk Information Centre (Sabric), the combined gross loss due to card fraud rose by 18% to more than R873 million from 2017 to 2018.  … Read more

Wednesday | 04 March | 2020 How to determine the trade-in value of your car

By Nico Strydom The value of cars depreciate fast after being sold. So, when you’re ready to buy a new car, your first thought is how much your car is going to be worth. One of the deciding factors that will determine the trade-in value of your car is how well you took care of it. According to Imperial Auto  … Read more

Thursday | 27 February | 2020 Future medical expenses must be paid in a lump sum

By Sanette Viljoen When future medical expenses are calculated, there are certain principles that have to be taken into account. These principles were clearly set out in the appeal court case of Premier, Western Cape v Kiewitz 2017 4 SA 202 (SCA). The case dealt with an action that Mrs Kiewitz brought against the Premier for damages after her minor  … Read more

Tuesday | 25 February | 2020 Essential financial knowledge for every young adult

By Marli Naidoo Entering the adult world and having to make adult decisions can be like trying to win a bicycle race with training wheels. When you become 18, you may all of a sudden open accounts, sign contracts and incur debt. The market is well aware of this and also knows very well that most young adults do not  … Read more

Tuesday | 11 February | 2020 Financial decisions that need to be taken without delay

By Essie Bester When one is still young, it feels as if you have limitless time and energy at your disposal. Illness and death are things you seldom think of. However, experts warn against this. Apart from joining a medical and pension fund (which often form part of an employer’s remuneration package), young working people tend to postpone further financial  … Read more

Monday | 10 February | 2020 Tenants: Avoiding big rental increases

Dr. Eugene Brink In this low-growth economy, the confidence of consumers as well tenants is equally low. People are also employed in precarious, unstable jobs, with retrenchments being commonplace. Nevertheless, rental increases remain the norm and landlords are also entitled to escalations to bolster their investments. The determination of a rental increase may be delimited in a contract, but in  … Read more

Tuesday | 04 February | 2020 Time tot turn around your financial situation

By Emsie Martin December has come and gone in the blink of an eye. The festivities are over and done with and only the countless invoices and the responsibility to pay off credit remain. 2020 might be the ideal time to turn around your financial situation. The sooner you manage your finances properly, the greater your chance of your debt  … Read more

Tuesday | 21 January | 2020 The risks of crypto money, e.g. Bitcoin

By Sanette Viljoen Technology is advancing at an enormous speed. The latest development doing the rounds, is crypto money, e.g. Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a crypto currency, also known as a virtual currency. There are many different crypto currencies. The best-known crypto currency, of course, is Bitcoin. Although Bitcoin regularly made the news over the past two years, many people are  … Read more

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