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Wednesday | 01 July | 2020 Change the way in which you think about money

By Essie Bester It is a myth that we should know more about how money works. The truth is that we should go to much more trouble to find out how our our brains and emotions work when it comes to our relationship with money, says Dr Ted Klontz, a master in the area of financial therapy. According to him  … Read more

Thursday | 18 June | 2020 Credit life insurance as an alternative to a payment holiday on my loan?

By Sanette Viljoen Do you have credit life insurance on your loan? Is it a good idea to claim from your credit life insurance as an alternative to the various debt-relief options currently being offered by the different banks as a result of the lockdown? What are the implications of the debt-relief options or payment holidays? Several banks have announced  … Read more

Wednesday | 17 June | 2020 Making saving money fun

By Dr Eugene Brink Face it: For most of us with poor self-discipline, saving money is difficult even at the best of times. We mostly like to spend money, not save it for some future purpose or a rainy day. So, in order to undertake this important task, we need to make it fun and exciting. “Saving money doesn’t need  … Read more

Friday | 12 June | 2020 Be on the lookout for pyramid and Ponzi schemes in these times

By Sanette Viljoen In the current difficult economic times due to the Covid-19 lockdown there recently was an explosion of get-rich-quick schemes, especially all over the internet and social media. Many desperate people “invest” their hard-earned money or savings in these schemes in the hope of huge returns as promised by the swindlers in control of these schemes, only to  … Read more

Wednesday | 10 June | 2020 Protect yourself against cyber scammers, fraudsters and other pests

By Wilma Bedford Over and above the uncertain financial times in which we live, there are also robocallers, scammers and hackers who will do their utmost to gain control of your personal and business finances. How do you outwit and avoid them and how do you protect yourself? Make sure – however painful it might be – of your financial  … Read more

Wednesday | 27 May | 2020 Get-rich-quick schemes: Hints and warnings

By Essie Bester When it comes to investment decisions, unrealistic expectations combined with desperation are very often responsible for big misery. Poor decisions taken without first asking the right questions and without questioning the legality of the product, can lead to financial ruin. Potentially catastrophic, unregulated pyramid schemes – especially digital schemes – are flourishing, and this can be blamed  … Read more

Wednesday | 27 May | 2020 Ways of ridding yourself of debt

By Emsie Martin Currently people are unsure about the future and for those who now have no income, are on unpaid leave of just receiving a portion of their salaries, the future looks gloomy. If things don’t improve, which I believe won’t happen soon, there are certain options to get rid of debt. Sequestration, bankruptcy, liquidation, insolvency or surrendering your  … Read more

Friday | 27 March | 2020 How to get out of debt

By Marli Naidoo Debt can be advantageous when managed well, and doesn’t take over your life. Some people want to pull out their hair and take off to the hills when they hear the word “debt”. Unfortunately, this is the nature of credit: it is like a cosy fire that braais your meat and provides you with heat, but when  … Read more

Friday | 27 March | 2020 Budget: This is how it will affect you

By Nico Strydom The national budget was recently announced and this is how it will affect your wallet. Personal income tax and VAT Tax notches and rebates are adjusted to above the inflation rate. This means that individuals with an annual increase in their salaries will not necessarily fall in a new tax notch and will therefore not have to  … Read more

Monday | 16 March | 2020 Fraud with bank cards: How to protect yourself

By Nico Strydom Criminals continuously find new ways in which to steal people’s money and card fraud amounts to hundreds of millions of rand per year. According to the latest statistics from the South African Bank Risk Information Centre (Sabric), the combined gross loss due to card fraud rose by 18% to more than R873 million from 2017 to 2018.  … Read more

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