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Monday | 02 August | 2021 July is savings month and Covid-19 presents some opportunities

By Dr Eugene Brink Many people are now forced to work from home again if they haven’t been homebound since last year. People also tend to leave home less often. This could take its toll on your emotional wellbeing, but as far as your finances are concerned, this state of affairs certainly has its upsides in terms of savings. First  … Read more

Monday | 26 July | 2021 Money lessons from Covid-19

By Dr Eugene Brink The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us many lessons and brought about many permanent changes, one of which is how we spend and manage our money. Some have been painful, some have been helpful and advantageous and most have not really been new, but the virus has imposed them on us all the same. Let’s examine the  … Read more

Monday | 19 July | 2021 The economy: The good, the bad and the ugly

By Dr Eugene Brink South Africans became accustomed to bad economic news even before the pandemic and the misery has been exacerbated by recent events. The latest wave of the virus has also shown that it is likely to be a long-term, erratic and unpredictable phenomenon and that the worst might not be behind us. But before we become completely  … Read more

Monday | 19 July | 2021 Income tax in arrears

By Marli Naidoo If you are responsible for the submission of your own annual tax returns, you could easily fall behind. It’s important to submit your arrear returns as soon as possible, so that you don’t incur further fines. According to the South African Revenue Services (SARS), there has been an unacceptable increase in the non-submission of tax returns over  … Read more

Monday | 12 July | 2021 Debt Counselling

By Melodie Veldhuizen Prior to the pandemic many households were already faced with financial challenges. The lockdowns due to Covid-19 have led to many people losing their jobs. This has resulted in them not being able to meet their financial obligations and running the risk of being blacklisted or, even worse, losing their property, car and other assets. The National  … Read more

Monday | 12 July | 2021 Cultivate the mindset of a billionaire

By Essie Bester If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, the way you think is of cardinal importance. It’s more about the way you think than about the physical things you do. Entrepreneur and daredevil capitalist Daniël Strauss says, “For me mindset is the big difference between entrepreneurs who are very successful and those who aren’t. Your aim should  … Read more

Monday | 28 June | 2021 How do I build and maintain good creditworthiness?

By Essie Bester Whether you want to buy a big item such as your first car or want to buy a house on credit, get a study loan, apply for a credit card at your bank or simply want a cell-phone contract, you need a good credit record to access these financial facilities. For any form of credit you first  … Read more

Friday | 11 June | 2021 The 2021 tax year: What you should know

By Melodie Veldhuizen The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has announced the dates for the submission of tax returns. The following are the most important dates that tax payers should take note of: 1 July 2021 to 23 November 2021 – Tax returns submitted online. 1 July 2021 to 28 January 2022 – If you pay provisional tax or are managing a  … Read more

Friday | 11 June | 2021 The pandemic’s effect on retirement savings

By Nico Strydom The Covid-19 pandemic has made a considerable dent in discretionary and retirement savings for some and especially those who have lost a portion of or even their entire income and therefore had no alternative but to gain access to their savings. “If you have been compelled to use some of your retirement savings, now is the time  … Read more

Monday | 24 May | 2021 In a tight spot with debt?

By Emsie Martin During the past year many people were forced to look at debt counselling. This is the process a client goes through when he cannot meet his monthly obligations toward creditors any longer. The debt counsellor will negotiate a new repayment agreement which the client can afford to pay each month. At the end of the new term  … Read more

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