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Tuesday | 21 May | 2019 What is moratorium interest?

By Sanette Viljoen What is moratorium interest and how does it work? Moratorium interest is explained in the Prescribed Rates of Interest Act, 44 of 1975. In the broad sense it is the interest rate applicable when two parties did not come to an agreement regarding the interest rate applicable should payment be late or debts not be settled and  … Read more

Tuesday | 14 May | 2019 Ways of saving fuel

By Emsie Martin It is time again for consumers to delve into their pockets as fuel is now going to cost motorists in the interior R16,67 a litre. All of us have to travel, but perhaps the time has now come to give ways of saving fuel some serious thought. Car pools are by far the best defence against rising  … Read more

Tuesday | 14 May | 2019 Moms can make their money work

By Emsie Martin Even though moms should be celebrated every single day, 12 May is their official, special day for a well-deserved tribute. Although South Africans have lately been bombarded with economic, political and especially voting-day happenings, Mother’s Day is still an important part of the May calendar. Moms are confronted with expensive living costs on a daily basis and  … Read more

Tuesday | 07 May | 2019 When should I start saving or my retirement?

By Nico Strydom One often hears it being said: you are never too old to start saving. But at what age should you start saving to ensure that you make enough provision for your old-age? According to experts, the reality is that most South-Africans don’t retire comfortably and this results in people having to lower their standards or even having  … Read more

Monday | 06 May | 2019 A second bond – yes or no?

By Nico Strydom A second bond on your home is a loan that enables you to borrow money against the value of your home. People often take out a second bond to upgrade their home or to consolidate debt. When you take out a second bond on your home, you receive a large once-off payment against a fixed interest rate  … Read more

Monday | 29 April | 2019 Why only 6% of South Africans are set to retire comfortably

By Anja van den Berg Imagine being financially secure at retirement, enjoying your life without financial stress. This may seem like a fantasy in a country where, according to the National Treasury, 94% of people fail to retire with adequate financial resources. Yet, just a few decades ago that was how most South Africans retired from their company’s defined benefit  … Read more

Thursday | 11 April | 2019 Gratuity etiquette in South Africa

By Marli Naidoo Each country has its own etiquette as far as far as gratuities are concerned. It could become an uncomfortable issue between friends when it is time to pay the account. In sunny South Africa, with its beautiful scenery and delicious food, the amount suggested is not exorbitant at all. There is therefore no excuse for not paying  … Read more

Tuesday | 09 April | 2019 Top tips to get to grips with your medical-scheme options

By Anja van den Berg South Africans are feeling financially squeezed as the cost of living skyrockets while income levels remain constrained.  For most, scaling back has become a matter of survival and the cost of private healthcare has not escaped scrutiny. Many households are considering cheaper benefit options with medical aid increases announced for 2019 averaging around 8,5%, coupled  … Read more

Wednesday | 03 April | 2019 Why is a funeral policy essential?

By Melodie Veldhuizen Only one thing in life is certain, and that is that you will die someday. Although we do not like to talk about our own death or the possibility that a loved one may die, it is a given that we cannot wish away and unfortunately we don’t know when that last day will arrive. We take  … Read more

Tuesday | 26 March | 2019 How do I pick a car?

By Nico Strydom Next to buying a house, buying a car is one of the most important decisions that you will have to make and you will probably have to do it a number of times in your lifetime. It is therefore very important to buy a car that meets your requirements and that will not let you down. One  … Read more

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