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Tuesday | 12 November | 2019 Take care before renting out your car

By Nico Strydom A new concept that had everybody talking recently, is the possibility of renting out your car for an extra income. A vehicle-tracking company is considering a so-called “Airbnb option” that will enable you to make money out of your car. Car owners are, however, warned to check their insurance policies before trying to make money out of  … Read more

Tuesday | 05 November | 2019 Do I need a will?

By Essie Bester Many people erroneously believe that only the affluent need wills. The truth is that it   is important to draw up a will, even if you live a simple life. It contains essential information about all the assets you have built up over the years, as well as your final wishes. Above all it gives peace of mind  … Read more

Monday | 04 November | 2019 What your spending habits reveal about your personality

By Essie Bester Your personality type can be determined by just looking at your account statements. This is according to research, however absurd it may sound. “Now that most people spend their money electronically, we can study these spending patterns on a scale,” says Joe Gladstone, a London professor in consumer behaviour. “Our findings demonstrate for the first time that  … Read more

Tuesday | 29 October | 2019 Where else can you save money?

By Wilma Bedford You may think that you are saving optimally, but you may be surprised at a few unusual ways to control unnecessary expense. Your savings account. Get to know about savings plans offered by financial institutions. It is unwise to keep large amounts of money in accounts that offer little interest. Also find out about the bank charges  … Read more

Tuesday | 22 October | 2019 How to save more during tough times

By Emsie Martin We currently find ourselves in a market that hasn’t shown any real growth over the past five years and even the most optimistic investors are now starting to panic, especially those who have already retired. With the cost of living rising rapidly, many pensioners are forced to increase their withdrawal rates to well above the recommended levels,  … Read more

Tuesday | 22 October | 2019 Banks’ obligation when transferring money between clients’ accounts

By Sanette Viljoen What are the mutual obligations of a bank and its client when the client gives instructions that his money must be transferred? What are the bank’s obligations? What are the client’s obligations? This question was asked in the case Absa Bank v Hanley (08/13) [2013] ZASCA 183 in the Appeal Court. The Appeal Court examined the obligations  … Read more

Tuesday | 22 October | 2019 Saving petrol

By Marli Naidoo With the petrol price sky-rocketing we cannot drive around everywhere as we please. Fuel is slowly but surely becoming a luxury. There are, however, some hints that could help you stretch each drop further and therefore to gallivant some more. Make sure that you maintain your vehicle well and have it serviced regularly. It is especially important  … Read more

Monday | 21 October | 2019 What are prescribed assets and how does it affect my pension?

According to experts South Africa has more pension assets than any other emerging economy. With more than R4 000 billion in South Africa’s pension funds, the government’s proposed new policy on prescribed assets could unlock a pot of gold for the government. The suggestion in the ANC’s election manifesto this year, that a policy of prescribed assets should be investigated could  … Read more

Tuesday | 15 October | 2019 How to manage your salary wisely

By Dr. Eugene Brink The struggle is real to manage your monthly salary to make it last all the way. Many people simply have too many expenses and are too ill-disciplined to make their Rands and cents stretch over the entire month. Not making your money last is not only challenging for your pocket or your own financial well-being, but  … Read more

Tuesday | 08 October | 2019 Two important decisions for your retirement

By Essie Bester You have probably been saving over decades for your retirement. When that day finally dawns, your retirement nest-egg could probably be the biggest asset on your balance sheet. What you eventually will do with this money, is one of the most critical financial decisions in your life. After all, it will determine your lifestyle over the next  … Read more

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