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Tuesday | 03 September | 2019 Expert advice on how to benefit the most from the repo rate cut

Deur Anja van den Berg On 18 June the South African Reserve Bank cut the interest rate for the first time since March 2018, lowering the rate by 25 basis points to 6,5%. This cut has led to banks cutting their prime lending rate from 10,25% to 10%. “The repo rate is the rate at which banks can borrow money  … Read more

Tuesday | 03 September | 2019 Don’t jump into (loan) shark-infested waters!

By Anja van den Berg Providing short-term high-interest loans to risky borrowers, loan sharks are operating under the radar, leaving consumers vulnerable and exposed to abuse. “They’ve been part of the credit landscape for hundreds of years,” says South African consumer journalist Georgina Crouth. “Their predatory lending are linked to major events in history, including the American Civil War and  … Read more

Monday | 02 September | 2019 Plan your estate in six steps

By Essie Bester Estate is the legal term used in law for all your assets that have a money value. All your assets and liabilities therefore form part of your estate. What is estate planning? Estate planning (for small as well as large estates) refers to planning the transfer of your estate to your heirs (who may be people, organisations  … Read more

Tuesday | 27 August | 2019 Prepare For Retirement Tax

By Anja van den Berg The 2018 Sanlam Employee Benefits Benchmark Survey confirms that many South Africans are simply not ready for the financial consequences of retirement. To add insult to injury, savings in the form of a retirement fund lump sum – and even tax-free investments! – are taxable. But forewarned is forearmed, says Gerhard Linde, Senior Tax Consultant  … Read more

Tuesday | 27 August | 2019 You may not have to submit a tax return this year

By Anja van den Berg This is the season for the submission of tax returns! The tax season opened on 1 August  2019 for all taxpayers. In light of this, the South African Revenue Service (SARS) has announced several changes ahead of the start of the 2019 tax season. Arguably the biggest change made is that taxpayers who earn below  … Read more

Tuesday | 20 August | 2019 Must interest be paid when a rental deposit is refunded?

By Sanette Viljoen Renting an apartment or a house is commonplace. In most cases a deposit is required before you may occupy the property. This deposit is refunded to the lessee on termination of the lease. Must the lessor pay the lessee interest on that deposit? The position in South Africa is spelled out very clearly in the  Rental Housing  … Read more

Tuesday | 06 August | 2019 Standby power is fleecing you. Fight back!

By Dr Eugene Brink In this age of rising electricity prices it is imperative that we save as much power as we can – especially on completely unnecessary appliances. Fast fact: Roughly 10% or more of your electricity bills come from appliances that you have switched off, or you thought you have switched off. “The villain in question is ‘vampire  … Read more

Tuesday | 06 August | 2019 What is inflation and why should we care?

By Dr Eugene Brink Economics is puzzling to most of us and its concepts seem arcane. Admittedly, an in-depth look at how an economy operates is best left to experts. For Joe Public, however, illumination of some of the most basic ideas and concepts is useful, instructive and more necessary than ever. Economics affects us, after all, on account of  … Read more

Tuesday | 06 August | 2019 How to manage your geyser usage (and electricity bill)

By Dr Eugene Brink It is a very contentious subject, but many experts agree that keeping your geyser switched on for the entire day is not power-wise. And being prudent with your electricity bill is not only beneficial to you in this age of rapidly rising electricity tariffs, but also to Eskom’s ability to provide electricity and stave off power  … Read more

Tuesday | 06 August | 2019 Understand the different types of loans to choose the one best suited to your needs

By Anja van den Berg Most people will require a loan at some point in their lives – whether it’s to invest in a home, buy an engagement ring or open a small business. But be warned: not all loans are created equal. Vera Nagtegaal, the executive head of, says there are two main types of loans available to  … Read more

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