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Monday | 15 July | 2019 The economic value of Afrikaans

By Dr Eugene Brink With more than seven million speakers, Afrikaans is South Africa’s third-biggest language. This figure excludes second-language speakers ─ of which there are many. Apart from English, there is no other language in South Africa with strong economic value and leverage as well as such a large-scale economy. The higher functions or the other official languages are  … Read more

Wednesday | 10 July | 2019 These money vampires can sink your saving plans

By Essie Bester You already know that it’s smart to put away money for the future regularly. You also know that it is not wise to buy unnecessary things that will land you in debt. But what about all those hidden expenses that are costing you your hard-earned money? For more money in your bank account, pay more attention to  … Read more

Tuesday | 09 July | 2019 Don’t postpone a day longer! The Millennial’s guide to retirement saving

By Anja van den Berg With only 6% of South Africans currently being able to retire comfortably, the reality is that – with longer predicted life spans and the prospect of weaker investment returns – Millennials will need to save more money over a longer period than their Baby Boomer parents did. Millennial workers, who entered adulthood in the early  … Read more

Wednesday | 26 June | 2019 Government Employees Pension Fund: questions and answers

by Mariska Brink The pension fund for public servants, the Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF), recently received much coverage in the media, causing a lot of uncertainty. This resulted in 26 690 people resigning from the fund during the 2018 financial year. What should you do if you are still a member of this fund? Mariska Brink, a financial adviser at  … Read more

Wednesday | 19 June | 2019 When taking a (modest) pay-cut makes sense

By Dr Eugene Brink The essence of work is to earn money and pay for all the necessities and luxuries in your life. One could say that is the chief reason why work exists. As important as income and salaries undoubtedly are, it could all come to naught if your job is so dreadful and laborious that it kills your  … Read more

Wednesday | 19 June | 2019 How much should I save to retire comfortably

Did you know? According to the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis (a hypothesis that suggests that the structure of a language largely shapes the world view of the speakers of that language) parallels may be drawn between language structure and the financial behaviour of the first-language speakers of that language. According to a study conducted by Keith Chen at Yale University in the  … Read more

Tuesday | 18 June | 2019 What South Africa’s economic future is likely to hold

By Dr Eugene Brink Low inflation should run into 2020, interest rates are likely to stay the same for the remainder of the year and the rand will probably remain stable over the next two years. This is the recent message from Old Mutual Investment Group Chief Economist, Johann Els, and headds that “ultimately, the SA environment is looking a  … Read more

Wednesday | 12 June | 2019 Why it is important to invest in your future today

By Monica Mynhardt Amid the current economic policy uncertainty in South Africa, it is important to make sure that you have as much certainty as possible about your own finances and future. It is also important to make provision today for your future life and retirement. It is crucial to understand why pension funds are important; what the best time  … Read more

Tuesday | 11 June | 2019 Save from your spendable income

By Wilma Bedford You watch your cents, but perhaps with the following hints you can still save a few cents from your spendable income: Use cash. Draw enough cash to see you through the week and rather use this than a card on which you have to pay a fee for each transaction. It is also difficult to keep track  … Read more

Tuesday | 04 June | 2019 Recently Retrenched? Make Sure Your Payment Was Not Overtaxed

By Anja van den Berg If you have been retrenched over the past year-and-a-half, there is a good chance you may have paid too much tax on your severance pay, according to tax law experts. Employees who have been retrenched over the past 12 to 18 months are specifically at risk of having been incorrectly treated for tax purposes, particularly  … Read more

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