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Tuesday | 06 December | 2016 Customary marriages and the sale of land

Sanette Viljoen     Should both spouses sign the land sales contract if they are in a customary marriage? The Matrimonial Property Act (Act 88 of 1984) deals with this issue. If the parties are married in community of property, both parties have to sign the land sales contract. If only one of the parties sign the contract, he or  … Read more

Monday | 05 December | 2016 Give me a million ─ to give away

Annatjie Bouwer     “I could do with a million ─ if I could give it away.” It’s doubtful that you have ever heard somebody say this, but all of us have heard somebody saying that it’s better to give than to receive. Research has also proved it, so keep on reading and do the experiment to test it yourself.  … Read more

Friday | 02 December | 2016 Advice with mail orders

When ordering products via mail, keep the following advice from the National Consumer Union in mind:   Be suspicious of exaggerated product claims or very low prices and read product descriptions very carefully – sometimes pictures of products are misleading. Look for the firm’s return policy. If it is not stated, ask before you order. For example, does the company  … Read more

Friday | 02 December | 2016 How do credit bureaus compile your credit report?

In South Africa, there are four major credit bureaus: TransUnion, Experian, Compuscan and XDS. The four bureaus compete to capture, update, and store the credit histories of most South African consumers. While most of the information collected by the four credit bureaus is similar, there are differences. For example, one credit bureau may have unique information captured on a consumer  … Read more

Thursday | 01 December | 2016 Can you run a business from a sectional-title home?

The sluggish economy and declining employment over the past few years have prompted an increasing number of people to start their own businesses as a way of earning an income, and the latest available statistics indicate that at least 10% of SA’s working adults are now self-employed. “And of course most of these small- or microbusiness owners can’t afford to  … Read more

Tuesday | 29 November | 2016 The legal implications of the Voetstoots clause

When you buy something there is an implied warranty that the merx (object of sale) is free from any defects. It is, however, possible that one can contract out of this implied warranty by inserting an exemption clause into the contract that says the sale is voetstoots. The term voetstoots is a Dutch term and has always been used to  … Read more

Tuesday | 29 November | 2016 Up your problem-solving with these tips

Eugene Brink       Why is experience stressed so much when someone is appointed? The simple answer is that it shows employers that someone has learned to solve problems and is applying the theory he’s mastered to different conundrums.   A number of surveys undertaken by companies such as Microsoft and the BBC on the skills required by graduates  … Read more

Friday | 25 November | 2016 Transfer when levies are outstanding: What now?

Question: A special levy was raised and the resolution was signed by the Trustees on 30 September. One of the units was transferred to a new owner on 1 October. The transferring attorney was not notified in time of the special levy, so the sellers’ share was not collected. The seller is definitely liable for the special levy, but how  … Read more

Friday | 25 November | 2016 Are you buying this? Think again

Karen van der Berg   If you are one of those people who think that expensive hair masks can repair your hair’s split ends and that vitamins keep you healthy, think again. Marketing and marketers sometimes stretch the truth to convince consumers to buy their products. Recent research by Manpower South Africa indicates that thousands of products are sold accompanied  … Read more

Friday | 25 November | 2016 Consumer’s act brings peace of mind to buyers of 2nd-hand vehicles

Sanette Viljoen       Buying a second-hand vehicle is always risky. Unfortunately not everybody can afford to buy a vehicle straight from the box. However, there is good news for buyers of second-hand vehicles. The new Consumer’s Protection Act has brought about many changes in the motor industry. The most important change is probably that regarding the onus of  … Read more

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