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Tuesday | 26 January | 2016 What’s the difference? Medical fund vs medical insurance

Elmien Ackerman     Perhaps you regularly see the advertisement on TV for medical insurance that promises to pay out thousands of rands should you land in hospital. Although medical insurance is slightly cheaper than belonging to a medical fund, a medical fund offers several other benefits. A medical fund offers cover if you land in hospital but, depending on  … Read more

Tuesday | 03 November | 2015 This is why your medical fund is so expensive

Inge Strydom   Those who can afford private medical care, must brace themselves. Medical-fund premiums are going to keep on raiding their pockets. It is still unclear whether the envisaged cheaper medical-fund option will offer a workable alternative. According to a recent report released by the Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) medical-fund membership is on the decline. One of the  … Read more

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