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Monday | 24 October | 2016 Hedge against inflation: Invest in property

One of the most crucial aspects of intelligent investing is hedging against the devastating impact of inflation.   “In our experience, a direct investment in a buy-to-let property is undoubtedly one of the best ways to hedge against inflation as it creates an ongoing, inflation-linked monthly income for life while also delivering steady, inflation-beating capital growth year after year.” This  … Read more

Friday | 30 September | 2016 Latent and patent defects and the CPA

It isn’t always advisable to take the sellers’ word for it that all is well with a property. An independent property inspector can save you a great deal of money and heartache by ensuring that the property you buy is in tip-top shape. Strangely, although everyone agrees that buying a property is generally the biggest buying decision a person ever  … Read more

Friday | 30 September | 2016 Rental yields grow as 1st-time buying slows

Eugene Brink   Residential rental yields are growing again – albeit marginally – as an uncertain economic environment and interest rate increases are forcing first-time buyers to rent for longer and delay their buying plans. And rental yields are expected to continue to rise in the future as the economic fundamentals extend their suppression of buying. John Loos, property strategist  … Read more

Friday | 16 September | 2016 Tax-free savings accounts: What you need to know

Karin Muller   South Africans are notoriously poor savers. According to the SA Reserve Bank, our household savings as a percentage of our disposable income have declined over the past few years – and they are likely to continue to do so. National Treasury’s introduction of tax-free savings accounts from 1 March 2015 has therefore been widely welcomed as a  … Read more

Wednesday | 14 September | 2016 Properties now longer on the market

  Eugene Brink     If you are hoping to sell your property, make sure that patience is one of your virtues. The estimated average time of properties on the market has risen markedly since the start of the year – despite the outcome of the local government elections seemingly buoying the market. Discussing the 3rd Quarter FNB Estate Agent  … Read more

Tuesday | 06 September | 2016 Homeloan advice for first-time house buyers

Purchasing a new house is one of the biggest financial investments you’ll ever make, and no doubt you’ll have many questions regarding the process.   Are you ready to purchase your first home?   Before you set your sights on buying the home of your dreams, it is important to establish whether you are ready to make such a big,  … Read more

Friday | 02 September | 2016 Filing season 2016: Tax tips for taxpayers

The 2016 Tax Season opened on 1 July for taxpayers submitting returns for the March 2015 – February 2016 tax year. Tax Season runs from July to November (provisional taxpayers submitting via eFiling have until January 2017 to submit).   Dates to remember: 25 November 2016 – At a SARS branch (provisional and non-provisional) 25 November 2016 – eFiling (non-provisional)  … Read more

Wednesday | 31 August | 2016 Clever money moves for under 30s

There are numerous things in the life of a young adult that make it the best time of your life, from bungee jumping over waterfalls to travelling around the world for music festivals – the bucket list of possibilities is endless. Nevertheless, as you become more mature and grow older, you can begin making more serious commitments such as getting  … Read more

Thursday | 25 August | 2016 How capital gains tax works

Sanette Viljoen   Simply put, capital gains tax is the tax paid on the profit you make on disposing of an asset. Therefore, capital gains tax is paid on the capital gain made.   How do I calculate my capital gain? The amount you earned from disposing of an asset, less the base cost, is the capital gain. A capital loss  … Read more

Tuesday | 23 August | 2016 Grow your own veggies – there are many benefits!

Karen van der Berg     Experienced gardeners will agree: few things give you more satisfaction than harvesting and using vegetables from your own garden – juicy carrots, lovely cauliflower and crisp lettuce to be served fresh. There are many reasons for planting your own vegetables, according to Johann van der Merwe, horticulturist from Newcastle. “At the moment one of  … Read more

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