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Almost free filing and storage system also serves as décor
By Tania du Toit You are a conscientious recycler with your used paper, glass and plastic in different recycle containers. Remember that some of these items could also be re-used in other clever ways. Is your living space small and available packing and storage room inadequate for items such as paper work, notes, photos, cloth remnants or essential odds and  ... Read more
Saving: Making less use of your iron
By Tania du Toit This article deals with saving and is not a debate about whether ironed clothes look better than those that aren’t ironed. Taste in clothing aside, here long-term saving by (practically) living without an iron, is emphasised. Lifestyles, opinions and budgets always change. To keep an iron just for exceptional/specific use will eventually save you lots of  ... Read more
Why you need to buy South African
By Tania du Toit If ever there was a time to buy (proudly) South African, it is now, in an economically difficult time of ever-increasing costs. Your contribution can help build the local economy, even though you may think you cannot do much to improve our economy. In your daily struggle for survival you only focus on your own monthly  ... Read more
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