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The secrets of saving
We as South Africans love spending money. Statistics show that we are some of the worst savers in the world. According to the financial service group Sanlam, working South Africans save only 15% of their income while our saving rate as a nation is a mere 3%. The percentage of all domestic incomes spent on consumer items and living costs  ... Read more
Things to look out for when buying a second-hand car
By Nico Strydom For many people buying a vehicle is one of the biggest purchases they will make in their lifetime and it is therefore essential to be careful and thorough in order to avoid a lot of inconvenience and to save money. Because of the number of vehicles stolen in South Africa every year, it could happen that the  ... Read more
My spouse is wasting our joint estate
by Sanette Viljoen The facts: John receives an email that he has inherited millions of rands from a distant relative from oversea. He withdraws all his money from his bank account and pays it over to this person to get this “inheritance”. Later he also withdraws the money from his wife’s account and takes out a loan in their names  ... Read more
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