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How is the fuel price determined?
By Nico Strydom In South Africa fuel prices are adjusted monthly according to a number of factors. According to the Automobile Association (AA) the cost of a litre of petrol is determined by four main elements, namely the fuel levy, the Road Accident Fund levy, the basic fuel price and wholesale and retail margins, and distribution and transport costs. The  ... Read more
Who qualifies for social grants?
By Nico Strydom Social grants are administered by the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa). How do social grants work? There are seven types of grant. In all cases applicants must be South African citizens or refugees who live here permanently. By 2020 approximately 18,1 million South Africans will be receiving social grants. Applications for grants are made at Sassa  ... Read more
The guilty pleasures that chip away at your budget
By Dr. Eugene Brink When scrutinising your monthly budget, you are sure to find big (usually necessary but grudgingly paid) expenses, as well as several (or even a plenitude) of small and largely unnecessary ones that evoke guilt but remain irresistible. It is often said that if you would like more financial freedom, take serious stock of your big expenses.  ... Read more
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