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SARS may inspect your bank account!
By Sanette Viljoen There is constant conflict between a bank and its clients regarding personal information that is given through to the South African Revenue Service (SARS). May SARS interfere with my bank account and my money in that account? Many people take umbrage at the bank or bank manager, as the information that they give to the bank and  ... Read more
Saving: How does pensioner discounts and special offers work for senior citizens?
Tania du Toit Amid price hikes, increased VAT, unaffordable fuel and more, small outcomes for senior citizens are hidden in an amazing number of pensioner discounts and/or benefits in shops and shopping. This initiative of “giving-back-to-the-community”, as one chain store manager puts it, is known to many senior citizens, but many are not aware of it. This article wishes to  ... Read more
Tips to save fuel
By Nico Strydom Fuel prices have rocketed once again and although you can’t do anything about the price hikes, you can limit your fuel consumption. There are several ways in which to travel further without having to fill your tank unnecessarily. So look at your fuel consumption and driving habits to get those few extra kilometres from each tank. Consider  ... Read more
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