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    10 ways to save while you spend

    10 ways to save while you spend

    Monique Vrey Let’s be honest, we could all use a few extra rand in our pockets, but we don’t want to change our habits entirely. Fortunately, there are ways to spend smarter that are just as helpful as, and a lot more realistic than, not spending at all. By asking everyday people about their own experiences, we compiled this list  … Read more

    Honey and the hive of concern

    Honey and the hive of concern

    Honey production is a relatively small market internationally, even more so here in South Africa. Over the last couple of years, a combination of factors, highlighted by recent droughts, has led to a decreased availability of honey, which translates to increased prices and a local producer market that is fast facing international competition. Paul Makube, a Senior Agricultural Economist at  … Read more

    Installation of generators: Do’s and dont’s

    Installation of generators: Do’s and dont’s

    One complaint that we all have in common nowadays is load shedding. On a daily basis you will find people conversing on the issues of Eskom and load shedding. Load shedding has created an entire new market for privately owned generators. Recent statistics indicate a major increase in the demand for and sale of standby generators. This article’s intention is  … Read more

    Will solar panels affect your property’s value?

    Will solar panels affect your property’s value?

    While there are certainly many benefits of “going green” in this day and age, the implementation of energy saving features in South African homes are quite expensive and it doesn’t seem to have a significant effect on resale value yet, say various Seeff experts from around Gauteng. Due to the fact that consumers are looking at ways to reduce their  … Read more

    Know your rights as a sectional title owner

    Know your rights as a sectional title owner

    There are many advantages to living in a sectional title complex. However, there can be a downside to living in an estate that is governed by others, particularly if the body corporate chairperson believes that he or she has more power than any of the other residents. Let’s get things straight: a body corporate chairperson does not have any special  … Read more


    Recent research shows that only 4 out of every 100 professionals will be able to retire independently one day. Is your current retirement annuity adequate? How can you make extra provision for your golden years? Solidarity Financial Services offer excellent advice that will help you to make provision for your own unique needs as well as those of your loved ones. Click here to find out more.


    No one wants to think about it but it is a reality that fate can strike at any day, minute or second. Therefore, before you even consider saving or investing money, you have to see to it that your current income is protected. Click here to read more.


    What do you pay monthly for your car and household insurance? Are you satisfied with the service and benefits your current service provider offers? Are you not sure if you would have adequate cover should one of your valuable possessions be stolen or damaged? Let us review your current insurance profile and in so doing you can save loads of time, money and effort!


    Are you in two minds about buying that beach cottage or rather investing those extra rands? Solidarity Financial Services offers members excellent, professional and thoroughly researched investment advice.

    Debt counselling is a process that was introduced by the National Credit Act to assist consumers who have high debt levels and are in trouble. The aim of debt counselling is to restructure debt and establish a repayment plan that is supported by creditors or that is found by the court to be fair in the circumstances.

    In other words, it is a form of rehabilitation that carries on in a structured manner until a consumer’s debt levels return to “normal” and he/she can function normally like any other consumer who controls his/her debt levels.


    If you are interested in such a service the drafting of a will is one of the many services Solidarity offers, and Solidarity will also handle your estate after death.

    E-mail: fineks@wvs.co.za
    Fax: 086 639 1999
    Phone us for more information: 012 362 1552.
    Download form here.



    Although buying or selling a car is exciting, some people experience this as pretty traumatic. They struggle to decide which model they should choose and how to get financing, and find the paper work attached to a transaction problematic. Solidarity Financial Services will attempt to provide information that will make things so much easier for you. Click here to calculate the cost of a new vehicle.



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